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Company Description

Mission Statement:

The goal of Paws of Honor (POH) is to provide veterinary care and products at no charge* for retired military and law enforcement K-9’s in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area that have served our country, locally or globally. Retired K-9’s deserve accessible, high quality veterinary care in return for their commitment and sacrifice for our country and the monetary burden associated with veterinary care should not fall on the shoulders of the officer/handler/owner once the K-9 has been decommissioned.

*Based on charitable contributions


All over the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area there are retired military and law enforcement K-9’s, which like any pet, need proper medical attention to live healthy happy lives. Because of the demanding nature of their jobs, many of these K-9’s require additional care, especially as they age, for problems such as arthritis, separation anxiety and pain management.


Paws of Honor will partner with selected veterinarians, dog food companies, veterinary supplies distribution companies and drug manufacturers, as well as with charitable contributions from private and corporate partners, to provide services and products for the retired K-9’s with the goal of zero cost* to the officer/handler/owner.

*Based on charitable contributions