Atlanta Women’s Center


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Company Description

We provide compassionate abortion care and reproductive health services, inspired by our belief in the autonomy of the individual, and our commitment to strengthening communities and building a better future. We strive for excellence in healthcare provision, and we work for reproductive justice and social change.

Core Values

• Reproductive Justice: We provide our services within a reproductive justice framework, striving to give all patients access to the information and services they seek. We aim to reduce the barriers created by this country’s vast disparities in wealth and resources, and its political climate of hostility toward reproductive freedom. We strive to treat all people with dignity and respect.

• Compassion: Individuals and families making reproductive healthcare decisions deserve unbiased support and respect. We recognize that reproductive healthcare decisions are informed by the patient’s unique perspectives, as well as the patient’s communities, culture, and beliefs. We aim to meet patients where they are in their lives, respecting their experiences and perspectives, and treating them with compassion and kindness.

• Trust: Trust is an essential component of high quality reproductive healthcare. We trust our patients to make the best decisions for themselves and their families. We respect and support our patients’ decisions to parent, have an abortion(s), or pursue an adoption plan. We provide honest and medically accurate information within an environment of mutual trust and partnership.

• Excellence: We strive to set the standard for excellence in reproductive healthcare. We think regularly about what we can do better, and we work to make it happen. We are committed to providing services in a patient-centered manner. We partner with researchers and training programs to advance our field and to improve healthcare access and services.

• Self-Determination: The ability to decide whether to birth or parent a child is a basic human right. We respect our patients’ rights to make their own reproductive healthcare decisions, and we fight for the right of all people to carry out those decisions without shame, stigma or coercion. We encourage all our patients and staff to embrace themselves as loving individuals making thoughtful decisions.

• Social Change: Reproductive justice will not be achieved in this country without political and community action. We engage in activism as an organization; we offer our patients and communities opportunities to participate in activism; and we seek to learn from and support the priorities of our patients, communities and sister organizations. We are compelled to fight for improved access to reproductive health services and the eradication of stigma surrounding pregnancy decisions.

• Sustainability & Prosperity: We believe that an innovative, mission-driven organization can create lasting opportunities for social change and prosperity. We aim for our work to endure and build upon itself, and for our organization to prosper so that our work and staff are sustained. We believe that prosperity results from financial and organizational stability, fulfillment in our service, and the positive impact of our individual and organizational work in the world.