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Here’s The Glaring Truth Why Your Resume Alone Isn’t Getting You Interviews

You may have crafted a superb looking resume – clean layout, clear work history, and accomplishments duly highlighted and contact details of your referees perfectly captured. You might have even hired professional resume writers and was confident that you email would swell with replies and responses. Yet after sending a mass of them out, no…
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Why it’s Important to Know Your worth When It Comes to Employment

It’s actually bizarre that employee compensation is an emotional subject that’s talked about in hushed tones in the workplace. What’s even more insane is how it is daintily tiptoed around during interviews and loudly complained about elsewhere in bars. They say compensation mirrors the employee’s worth to the employer and perhaps it is so. As…
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Pressure At Work: How To Stay Cool When The Heat Is On

What is it about our jobs that make us want to do so well that we end up stressing ourselves out? Perfection? Effectiveness? Responsibility? Loyalty? No matter what it is that brings that pressure on, we have to remember one thing: The only thing we can control is ourselves. So how do you take that…
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3 Tips to Help You Stay Motivated at Work

We are at the half way mark of the year. This is a good time to check in to see how you are feeling about the work that you are doing and offer you the opportunity to make adjustments so that you can enhance your results. Have you been finding it rather challenging to stay…
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