When you’re squeaking by on a modest salary and your whole life is ‘paycheck-to-paycheck,’ the whole idea of saving might not convince you very much. But as unconvincing as it might sound, this idea works. You can fully adopt and culture a saving culture, even when your income appears too little to save. Would you
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Did you know that 80% of people will break their New Year’s resolution this month? Don’t believe me, then see this article from Business Insider, 80% of people failing New Year’s resolutions by February. We here at HealthHires would like to help you beat those odds, by helping you to make small and achievable career
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The History of Healthcare Professionals And Addiction
Nurses often exude professionalism, appearing calm and courteous in hospital settings. However, these workers, like the rest of society, face personal challenges that cause many of them to turn to drugs or alcohol. Substance abuse is an epidemic that has swept healthcare professions. The American Nurses Association estimates one in 10 nurses today abuse drugs
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You may have crafted a superb looking resume – clean layout, clear work history, and accomplishments duly highlighted and contact details of your referees perfectly captured. You might have even hired professional resume writers and was confident that you email would swell with replies and responses. Yet after sending a mass of them out, no
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It’s actually bizarre that employee compensation is an emotional subject that’s talked about in hushed tones in the workplace. What’s even more insane is how it is daintily tiptoed around during interviews and loudly complained about elsewhere in bars. They say compensation mirrors the employee’s worth to the employer and perhaps it is so. As
Workplace Discussions